About Us


Meenatchi Enterprises LLP

Incorporated in the year of 1998 and is a renowned dealer, supplier, Battery, Inverter, Online UPS, Offline UPS, JC Automotive Batteries & Livfast Automotive Batteries, All type of Industrial Batteries, Solar Panel, Solar Batteries, etc .

Headquartered in Madurai, it provides all the pre and post services with the help of its trained design engineers, electrical engineers, technicians, and other professionals across South India. The company is backed by dedicated and experienced professionals.

The company is well known in this sphere for its best quality services and products. Due to the excellent services offered, Meenatchi Enterprises LLP is the preferred choice among the customers.

Our Journey

Key Strengths

All type of Industrial Batteries, Solar Panel, Solar Batteries, etc .


25 years experience in trading lead acid batteries

Marketing & Service

We have good marketing team & service team. Our marketing team and service team working with efficient, effective and timely manner.


Very ethical and committed to both the dealers & customers.


Specifically Mr. Venkatesh who is the Managing Director of Meenatchi Enterprises is a very straight forward, dedicated and dynamic person who constantly focuses on developing his trading network with good service to his customers.

UPS & Batteries

Authorised Distributors of Livfast UPS & Batteries, Jayachandran Batteries and Leoch SMF Batteries. Dealers in Exide SF Industrial Batteries, Automotive & Tubular lead acid batteries and Dealing Battery scraps.

Solar panel, Batteries & Livpure

Authorised Distributors of RO Livpure Batteries and Authorised Distributors of Solar Panel and Solar Batteries.